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Thank you for glowing!

DROPPIN' GEMS (Our Values)


Our community uplifts the positive and unique experiences of everyone. We recognize the light within each other encourage everyone to shine. Of course, when using skin care products from Glowdega, you might literally glow too!


We encourage growth and knowledge by exposing our community to new products, ideas, and people that can positively impact and elevate their lives.


We are thankful for our community and for the opportunities we're given. We take nothing for granted. And we give thanks by collaborating within our local communities to fundraise, volunteer, and/or amplify the voices of those struggling to be heard.


We can't take good care of ourselves if we're not taking good care of our planet. We strive to be a sustainable brand and only introduce our community to new brands that leave a minimal negative impact on our planet. We don't promote a culture of excess, we only take what we need.