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Oakland's Favorite Facialists - GLOWDEGA

Starting out on your skin care journey can be a little daunting. After all, everyone and their mama is an esthetician and they all swear their product recommendations are the only ones that work. How do you find the esthetician that works for you? Why is Glowdega rated so highly and why does everyone love us? This post breaks down why the estheticians are some of the top-rated skin professionals in the Bay Area.

Facials have long been a cornerstone in the realm of beauty and wellness. Traditionally viewed as a luxury, they have now become a routine necessity for many in their quest for healthy, radiant skin. The journey of facials from ancient beauty rituals to modern-day skincare essentials is a testament to our enduring pursuit of beauty and the evolution of skincare science. At Glowdega, we are seeing more and more clients who prioritize self-care and have become a member to make us apart of their monthly beauty ritual. We also see clients who have specific skin concerns surrounding a deadline—like a graduation or a wedding—who want results in a very specific timeframe. Of course, we are always happy to deliver!


Traditional spa facials are mainly a scam. This is why we don't refer to our space as a spa and always use the term studio or clinic. In a traditional spa setting, the facial is more of an add-on money grab to the massage and body services that bring in most of the revenue. As a result, you often get facials that are nothing more than a massage and a mask. That's great when you're relaxing but don't do much if you have an actual skin care concern—which is what the overwhelming majority of clients come to see us for.

The Classic or European Facial you're used to seeing on spa menus just doesn't exist here. The closest treatment would be our Day Glow which still cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, but also targets your specific skin care concerns. We've added additional steps to our "basic" facial to ensure our clients receive 4 weeks of lasting skin health. We believe in the idea of compounding benefits when it comes to facials and like to allow ourselves and our clients room to explore advanced treatments that enhance their natural beauty.


There's a reason our founder was selected as an inaugural ambassador for the nation's #1 professional acne line. Our acne protocols are top notch and allow for our clients to receive results in an extremely short amount of time. When we say we can clear acne in 3 hours, we really mean it! We have created the CLEARLY Acne Management Program (or CAMP for short) to help clients reset, replenish, repair, and renew their skin for good. 

Confronting the challenges of acne-prone skin takes both a more targeted and personalized approach. No two blemishes are the same! At Glowdega, you get estheticians who understand this. We also prioritize overall client health and take a deeper dive into nutrition and lifestyle because we know they are important factors on the presence of acne. Our acne treatments include detailed extractions with the right combination of mild exfoliants to help keep you clear.


Your clear skin journey starts here. We have developed a comprehensive, restorative skin health plan that heals your hyperpigmentation without any irritation. We know that clearing hyperpigmentation can be a process... and we respect it! If you're visiting Glowdega to work on hyperpigmentation concerns, we start by assessing your skin and the pigmentation during a skin scan. This allows us to accurately determine the treatments needed and give you a realistic timeline to see your results.

From there we get you set up on the proper skin care routine. Following your initial treatment, we ensure that you will only be using products that help inhibit melanin production moving forward so that hyperpigmentation doesn't worsen. Of course, we highlight the importance of daily sunscreen use (and reapplication!) to our clients as well. We also utilize over 14 different peels in our studio. This truly allows us to customize treatments to target hyperpigmentation via various pathways. Most of our clients see their hyperpigmentation clear completely between 3-6 months.


The advent of technology in skincare has brought about innovative facial treatments. Techniques like microdermabrasion and LED therapy offer non-invasive, targeted solutions, making facials more effective and accessible. These advancements are not just about immediate results; they're about offering long-term benefits to skin health. In addition to these treatments, we also offer dermaplaning, enzyme therapy, oxygen treatments, and more.


Don't wait! Schedule your appointment with us today and transform your skin for the better!