The Skin Care Routine that Got Us Fired

The Skin Care Routine that Got Us Fired - GLOWDEGA

Your client book is your livelihood as an esthetician. Most of us quite literally live and die by maintaining a healthy list of clients month-to-month. Some estheticians are extremely lucky and have anywhere from 30-60 clients who keep standard appointments with them every month and end up developing a waitlist as a result. Other estheticians may feel like they are struggling to keep clients on their books (and their business open). The point is: in this industry, you NEED clients. Without the clients there is no business. So why would we willingly lose clients in this economy?!?!

The short answer is: we're really good at our jobs. When we say we take your skin seriously, we really mean it. We prioritize tangible, lasting results over trends and popularity. The long answer is that our product recommendations are literally gold (and they really work). Oops! So here's the three key products in our custom routines that led to us being fired as estheticians (because, again, they really work).


We know the general thought is that "your cleanser goes right down the drain" but we now know that is just not true. Having the right cleanser(s) in your routine do a lot of the heavy lifting and help you reach your skin care goals faster. Our best cleansers are: Magic Milk (by us!) and Cleansing Gel with Mandelic Acid by Circadia. Our clients use Magic Milk in the AM and PM (first cleanse if you are double cleansing) and the Cleansing Gel at night only. 


There are three key serums that our clients have been using with consistency that lead to lasting results. No client has all three but many use a combination of two. These serums are: Majestic (5/8/11), P2, and Lipid Serum. If acne is your main concern, the Majestic series is going to be the biggest game changer! If your acne is really mild and breakouts minimal but consistent, then Majestic No. 5 is for you. If your acne is more persistent or moderate, then you can use Majestic No. 8. And if you're experiencing cystic acne then Majestic No. 11 is for you! Our clients use their Majestic serums at night only. 

For hyperpigmentation concerns, P2 works wonders. This serum is most useful in your morning routine though we have many clients use it twice daily. The best way to utilize P2 is to apply it directly over your hyperpigmented areas versus all over the face. This ensures you're giving yourself the most even complexion. 

Neither acne nor hyperpigmentation can resolve without proper hydration and the Lipid Serum from Epicutis is probably the real reason why we've been fired. Yes, this serum comes with a bit of sticker shock but it also supercharges your results! Lipid Serum can be applied twice daily and it is layered on top of the Majestic and P2 serums. The star ingredient in Epicutis Lipid Serum, tetramethylhexadecenyl succinoyl cysteine or TSC, works by downregulating inflammatory responses in the skin while simultaneously providing anti-bacterial and antioxidant support. We know that inflammation is a huge issue in both acne and hyperpigmentation that can be exacerbated by dehydration. The Epicutis Lipid Serum significantly decreases the time needed to heal both acne and hyperpigmentation. It's super fast-acting!


The amount of clients that come to us (especially for hyperpigmentation concerns) who don't wear sunscreen isn't alarming. Despite how much we find ourselves preaching the benefits of wearing it, it just isn't as sexy as other skin care products. But adding SPF to your routine and being consistent with use can only change your skin for the better! Reapplying is key. Also note that if you are using the correct amount of sunscreen and reapplying daily, you should have to purchase a new bottle EVERY month. If you are lucky to get a 3.3 oz size or larger then you can go every 2 months before needing a new bottle. 

We sell acne-safe sunscreens here that work for everyone. But we are not picky about SPF just as long as you use it! 

Well, that's it. That's the story of how giving our clients the results they were looking for quickly ended up getting us fired. But that's okay! That just means there is more room on our books for new clients like you! Click here to book with us and get your skin care journey started TODAY!


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