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Gifts for Skin Care Lovers - GLOWDEGA

Valentine's Day is approaching and it's time to think outside of the (chocolate) box. Let's bring back romance and intimacy with gifts that say, "I wanna live in your skin" in the most non-creepy way possible. Or, for those close friendships, something that says "I love the skin you're in". You are guaranteed to find something on Glowdega for every kind of Valentine. So whether you'll be sharing the day with your partner(s) or simply hanging with friends, we've got the perfect gift! 

1. A Trip to GLOWDEGA®

Service at Glowdega

Who doesn't want to be pampered in person? You can book a Valentine's Day appointment (there are still 3 openings left at the time of publishing) for a facial or waxing service. Or you can book one of our February specials for any day in the month. We have two amazing facials to choose from—the Face Melt Facial or the Platinum Dragon Facial.

Our Face Melt Facial is a decadent chocolate indulgence that will not only leave your Valentine glowing but you won't want to take your lips off of them! 

With our relaxing vibe, soothing playlist, and exquisite selection of beverages, your Valentine is sure to love us (and love you for the gift even more)! 

2. A Deeper Connection

If you've been dating for a while or if you're looking for ways to connect with a long-time friend on a deeper level, we recommend the Cultivating Conversations Card Deck. This is something you can whip out during your night cap to get cozy and intimate with each other's feelings. Or you can add it to a gift basket and the recipient can use the cards as journal prompts. Either way, this is a great, thoughtful gift that your Valentine will definitely appreciate.

3. Pillow Prince/ss Treatment

Show you care about your partner's hair with our Satin Sleep Gift Set! Now when they spend the night, they don't have to worry about their hair being ruined overnight (unless, you know, they want it to be). The Satin Sleep Gift Set comes with a Satin Pillow Case, Satin Eye Mask, and three satin scrunchies. You've got them covered while their under your covers. It's also a great purchase to add to your own personal "spend the night" bag.

4. Handled with Care

If you're looking the theme your Valentine's Day gift(s), "handle with care" is a theme that undoubtedly will move you to the top of the roster (if things haven't been made official yet). For this theme, you will want to compile hand and nail care gifts together and our selection from MANI is perfect for this. Their Sanitizing and Moisturizing Hand Cream already comes in a boxed gift set and you can add their UV Protection Gloves, Cuticle Oil, and Anti-Aging Hand Cream to make the gift complete. 

5. Faithful Feelings

Body butters and body scrubs are a good old faithful gift that is always welcomed. Our selection from Gold Ivory is sure to become a staple in your lovers' or friends' bathing rituals. You can make a cute gift basket that includes the body wash, body polish, body butter, and body clay

We think these gifts will be perfect for any Valentine on your list. Of course, we have other skin care items but getting your Valentine an acne serum when they didn't ask for one can be dangerous territory. These gift choices are safe, thoughtful, and are sure to win you some points of favor in the game of love. Let's celebrate love with gifts that resonate with the beauty of affection and self-care. Remember, the most cherished gifts are those that speak to the individuality and needs of your loved ones. So, as you wrap up these tokens of affection, know that you're not just giving a gift, but a memorable experience that will nourish both the skin and the soul. Happy Valentine's Day!


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