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Your friendly, neighborhood GLOWDEGA® is where you come to glow up. We specialize in corrective skin care, personal grooming via waxing and sugaring, nutritional therapy, and good vibes.

Find your favorite lifestyle brands and new discoveries here. Esthetician approved professional skin care lines, quality hair + body care products, well-structured garments, tools for the home and everything else you need to make your life shine.

Thank you for glowing!

Hadiyah Daché, LE + NTP

CEO, Lead Esthetician, Senior Sugarist, Brow Boss, Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service Rep, Content Creator, Janitor, Marketing Manager, PR Manager, Nutritionist, Sales Associate, Fulfillment Lead, R&D Specialist, Inventory Manager, Web Designer, etc. Also a Virgo.

She puts the small in small business.

Learn more about Hadiyah here. Disconnect with Hadiyah on social media @fairyglowmother. Expect nothing but memes, jokes, and occasional skin care suggestions.


GLOWDEGA® is an inclusive self-care sanctuary. We welcome all gender identities, ethnicities, skin types, bodies, humans. Skin is unisex. You are welcome here.

Bucky @ Glowdega

Introducing: Bucky, LE

Assistant Esthetician who handles all things waxing, brows, and lashes! Bucky also provides relaxing and rejuvenating facial services.

Though they are new to esthetics, they bring a wonderful enthusiasm and attention to detail that ensures quality and perfection, every time.